Energy-efficient cloud servers can help cut costs

Cloud computing has a number of beneficial qualities to strengthen the enterprise. These advantages include improving virtual security, enhancing mobility and boosting performance and agility. In addition to these qualities, the cloud is also very cost effective.

While many decision-makers understand how the technology can reduce costs by minimizing labor and maintenance, managers also need to realize the cloud's greener qualities. According to a report by Google, companies using the cloud can reduce energy consumption by 87 percent, while also substantially cutting carbon emissions.

The cloud's energy efficiency comes from how it uses and cools its cloud servers. Traditional computing often uses a large number of servers with low optimization and poor efficiency. The cloud, on the other hand, uses fewer servers that are much more productive and utilized at higher levels, Google noted.

Cloud computing also uses more advanced and continuous cooling systems that are more efficient than the small scale cooling for in-house equipment, according to Google.

The cloud economies of scale are major contributors the technology's green capabilities, according to a Forbes report. As more organizations continue to look for energy-efficient solutions, more will likely migrate to cloud-based environments.

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