Public cloud confidence grows, study finds

A new study by North Bridge Venture Partners revealed that confidence in the public cloud is flourishing, as approximately 50 percent of decision-makers think cloud storage environments are capable of supporting and protecting mission-critical applications. While security is still the main inhibitor to the cloud, many companies are looking beyond it and recognizing the technology's ability to boost agility and flexibility.

While Software as a Service is still the most commonly deployed model, Platform and Infrastructure as a Service are also growing in popularity. The study found that roughly 88 percent of businesses will use SaaS five years from now, while 72 percent and 66 percent plan to use PaaS and IaaS, respectively.

"Our second annual survey has revealed that companies are growing increasingly confident in the cloud," North Bridge Venture Partners executive Michael Skok said. "While agility and scalability continue to be primary drivers for cloud adoption, IT decision makers are beginning to trust the cloud with more mission-critical applications like ecommerce."

As more companies gain confidence in the hosted technology, the global cloud market is forecast to generate more than $121 billion in revenue by 2015, according to MarketsandMarkets. As the cloud evolves, decision-makers will continue to believe in its ability to host sensitive solutions.

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