Cloud, mobility help companies grow

In a company's quest for growth, decision-makers cannot waste time tracking down information. Instead, they need to have data available at their fingertips at all times, leading to the adoption of mobile devices in the workplace. By leveraging cloud computing, these gadgets can empower IT professionals to have immediate access to mission-critical information anywhere at anytime, according to a CFO report.

Many decision-makers believe the use of smartphones and tablets will be essential to success in the coming years and many think the path to mobility is through the cloud.

"Anytime you can increase functionality, ease of use, mobility, those types of things - which is what cloud computing can do - I have to believe that it’s a game changer," American Tower CFO Tom Bartlett said, according to the news source.

By leveraging the right cloud service, organizations can avoid paying large sums of money for hardware and systems. Instead, decision-makers can take advantage of the cloud's pay-as-you-go pricing model, enabling them to invest in more technologies, CFO noted.

The benefits of using cloud servers and mobile devices will continue to drive IT spending in 2012, according to a Forrester Research blog post by analyst Andrew Bartels. As a result, companies can leverage the most innovative solutions to aid their quest for growth.

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