Planning cloud deployments important to mitigate concerns

Companies considering using the cloud cannot jump headfirst into the technology. Instead, decision-makers need to establish a plan of attack as to how the cloud hosting services will be rolled out. As with any application, organizations will need to understand how to manage, develop and test the virtual environments to ensure they achieve all desired goals, according to an eWeek report.

IT departments should also make a road map that brings a consistent vision to the project. By starting with the end in mind, businesses will be able to ensure they meet all demands along the path of adoption without missing any key steps, the news source said.

Additionally, since the cloud is relatively new, decision-makers need to convince any skeptics of its capabilities. Therefore, IT departments need to get some quick wins on the board to boost confidence in the cloud and prove that the technology will be essential to success in the coming years, eWeek noted.

A recent CFO report found that 75 percent of decision-makers think the cloud will be important in the future, especially with the advent of mobility and big data. As a result, companies need to deploy the technology efficiently to prevent any problems.

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