Choosing the right cloud services

Cloud storage, applications and other services are becoming the norm for businesses of all sizes, enabling companies to leverage innovative solutions that give them a competitive advantage over rival firms. Not all cloud services are right for organizations, however, and it is important that decision-makers only use tools that will yield significant benefits, according to a CloudTweaks report.

IT departments should do extensive auditing and market research to establish which aspects of the company could improve through the use of the cloud. Decision-makers then need to find the cloud services that are applicable to that department, as using the wrong solutions will be a waste of time and effort, the news source said.

After determining which model - the public or private cloud - best suits a firm, IT executives should implement robust security tools to protect all applications and data hosted in the virtual environments. Organizations also need to ensure the cloud performs as diligently as possible and is highly available, which both can be addressed when creating the service-level agreement with the vendor, CloudTweaks noted.

IT expert Risk Blaisdell said decision-makers should also evaluate the cloud once it is up and running. As a result, businesses will be able to guarantee they meet evolving employee and industry demands.

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