Private clouds offer companies significant benefits

Despite the growing awareness and recognition of the cloud's capabilities, only 21 percent of survey respondents in a recent InformationWeek study said they are currently using the private cloud. Another 30 percent said they plan to deploy the services in the future but have not yet done so.

The study also found, however, that organizations using the private cloud are better off, despite being the minority.

"Those with private clouds experience more efficient use of hardware and superior scalability and reliability and they make better use of IT's time," the report said. "These are all measurable benefits that can make your IT department shine in the eyes of users and the CFO. Those with private clouds also report success in lowering capital and operational costs and total cost of ownership."

The biggest issue encountered when implementing the private cloud is the process of integrating existing IT systems with the virtual environment, InformationWeek noted.

A separate report by Microsoft noted that it is important for companies to adopt the private cloud, as it is a stepping stone to the hybrid cloud, which will likely be the future of computing.

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