Survey: 9 in 10 IT decision-makers give cloud thumbs up

A new study commissioned by a cloud service provider found that more than 90 percent of IT decision-makers now have positive things to say about cloud services. A major contributor to the positive feedback is the cloud provider's customer and technical support, which was more widely appreciated than low prices.

"Cloud computing is spurring innovation by enabling business users and developers to deploy, configure and adapt faster," cloud expert John Engates said. "The survey confirms the rapid migration to the cloud as IT leaders reap the benefit of spending more time creating and less time configuring."

The study also found that more than 90 percent of respondents said the ability to easily migrate data and applications from one hosted service to another was a large factor contributing to choosing a provider. Meanwhile, fewer than half of IT executives said they would not take a job at a company that has not deployed the cloud.

While leveraging cloud servers is clearly important today, decision-makers need to ensure they only deploy the right tools, as harnessing the wrong solutions could waste time and money, both of which are valuable resources for a growing company.

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