Survey: Cloud optimism flourishes, despite minor challenges

A new study by Dimensional Research and commissioned by Host Analytics revealed that decision-makers have an overall optimistic feeling about the future of cloud computing, despite ongoing concerns associated with security and other adoption challenges. Survey respondents agreed that leveraging cloud-based business intelligence solutions can help issues relating to siloed Software as a Service applications.

"Our research reveals high optimism and expectations among CIOs and IT executives for cloud adoption and value but also hurdles including the anticipation that IT will end up operating cloud applications bought by other areas of the business and without input from IT," report author Diane Hagglund said.

The study revealed that 92 percent of respondents believe cloud services can improve business operations, while another 67 percent think the technology can deliver high-quality systems for less money than traditional offerings.

Challenges continue to be faced and overcome

There are still lingering challenges associated with the cloud, however, as more than two-thirds of survey respondents said they still primarily use premise-based solutions. Eighty-eight percent of IT decision-makers also continue to report challenges associated with SaaS applications.

A separate report by Gartner noted that SaaS-based challenges tend to vary by region, with North American companies primarily complaining of limited flexibility and integration issues.

Nevertheless, companies continue to invest in SaaS cloud models, as the market is forecast to generate more than $14 billion in revenue in 2012, up from slightly more than $12 billion in 2011. This trend will continue in the coming years, as SaaS profits are predicted to reach more than $22 billion in 2015.

"After more than a decade of use, adoption of SaaS continues to grow and evolve regionally within the enterprise application markets," Gartner research director Sharon Mertz said.

Cloud-based BI can help resolve SaaS issues

Dimensional Research noted that nearly three-quarters of survey respondents said the use of business intelligence enhances the value of SaaS models. Roughly 54 percent of respondents said BI provides easier access to solutions, while 46 percent said it increased visibility. Another 42 percent reported SaaS BI leads to faster development.

"The research shows the overwhelming majority of CIO and IT executives surveyed felt cloud solutions are good for business," Host Analytics CEO Jon Kondo said. "When asked about further possible benefits of the cloud, most felt cloud technology offered strong financial benefits and also increased ownership for business stakeholders."

As more companies leverage Software, Platform and Infrastructure as a Service cloud models, confidence in the technology will continue to flourish. This will lead to greater adoption rates and improve overall business operations.

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