Report: Companies looking to mobilize processes through cloud computing

Cloud and mobile technologies have created significant buzz in the private sector, as more companies adopt the services to help employees work from wherever at any time. While both cloud and mobile solutions are beneficial on their own, the combination of the two can yield even more significant advantages.

According to a new whitepaper by FeedHenry, approximately 87 percent of all businesses believe cloud computing will have a major impact on IT infrastructure in the next year. The challenge that many decision-makers face is mobilizing backend systems so that gadgets like smartphones and tablets can access mission-critical applications and data in a secure fashion.

"The emergence of innovative cloud-based platforms removes many of these barriers helping business look beyond opportunistic mobile application projects to those providing stronger strategic value across core functions," report author and Yankee Group Enterprise Research analyst Chris Marsh said.

A separate report by Visiongain noted that the mobile cloud computing market is forecast to generate nearly $38 billion in revenue by the end of 2012. This growth will largely be driven by the proliferation of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and other web-based gadgets.

The FeedHenry whitepaper noted that roughly 42 percent of companies want to mobilize their field and sales processes, while another 27 percent want to mobilize internal operations.

"Enterprises require mobile app solutions that recognize the complexity of integrating with the backend while delivering maximum user experience on devices and the flexibility to deploy in public, private and hybrid clouds," FeedHenry CEO Cathal McGloin said.

As more organizations adopt mobile devices and look to embrace cloud computing during the advent of big data, it will be important that decision-makers and IT departments plan the migration carefully to ensure all solutions are secured in the virtual environments.

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