Cloud confidence blossoms, creates opportunity for competitive advantage

Cloud computing has ushered in a new era of enterprise mobility, productivity and collaboration by giving employees and decision-makers alike similar access to mission-critical applications and data stored within virtual environments. As the cloud continues to mature, organizations will leverage the technology in new and innovative ways in an effort to gain a competitive advantage over rival firms, according to a Management Today report.

"Cloud is changing the game," cloud expert Matthew Coates said, according to the news source. "It's changing the relationships between your business and the wider industry and it's changing businesses relationships with suppliers."

While there are still some lingering concerns associated with the cloud, however, many decision-makers are less concerned as to the public cloud's ability to protect sensitive solutions, Management Today noted.

A separate study by the 451 Group commissioned by North Bridge Venture Partners revealed similar findings, as roughly 50 percent of businesses are now confident enough to migrate mission-critical applications and data to the public cloud. Although 55 percent of survey respondents said they are still somewhat concerned in regard to data security, the fears are diminishing as more companies leverage the cloud and experience productivity, mobility and performance enhancements.

"Our second annual survey has revealed that companies are growing increasingly confident in the cloud," North Bridge Venture Partners executive Michael Skok said. "While agility and scalability continue to be primary drivers for cloud adoption, IT decision-makers are beginning to trust the cloud with more mission-critical applications like ecommerce."

As the cloud market continues to expand and more organizations adopt the services in an effort to prepare for the approaching big data phenomenon, it will be important that companies leverage cloud models that appeal to their specific business. In doing so, decision-makers may be able to gain a competitive advantage over rival firms in the coming years.

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