UK decision-makers need to explain cloud benefits better

While the cloud continues to disrupt a large portion of the private sector, decision-makers need to do a better job at educating employees on the benefits of the technology. A study revealed that nearly one-quarter of chief information officers and IT directors across the U.K. said they have no plans to migrate to the cloud, regardless of the hosted environment's well-known benefits, according to a Business Computing World report by IT consultant firm Robert Half Technology senior manager Neil Hedges.

The decision to migrate to the cloud varied between different-sized organizations and where they were located, as small companies were the least likely to make the move to the cloud, with 38 percent saying they had no plans to do so, Hedges noted. Conversely, only 12 percent of large companies said they probably wouldn't migrate to the cloud. This is partially because big businesses can often experience substantial cost savings when moving to the cloud.

Cloud storage continues to drive adoption

Cloud storage continues to be the biggest driver for the cloud, as 37 percent of U.K. organizations said they plan to implement repository services in the cloud over any other initiative, Hedges said.

Similar findings were revealed in a recent study by TwinStrata, which found that cloud storage strategies were more commonly deployed than Software as a Service or any other program. This is because the majority of IT executives agreed the cloud offers more substantial recovery advantages than traditional storage environments, as roughly three-quarters of respondents said they could retrieve their data in the cloud within 24 hours.

"The benefits of cloud computing are now well-understood, with the majority of businesses currently using cloud-based services for applications such as storage and data centres - and achieving cost and efficiency benefits as a result," Hedges said. "However, a smaller proportion of companies are missing out on these benefits because of their concerns about security and continuity of service."

Hedges noted that approximately 46 percent of U.K. decision-makers said security was the primary inhibitor to cloud adoption. Yet a separate study by Microsoft revealed that many organizations are actually experiencing higher levels of security after migrating to the cloud, suggesting cloud security may be more robust and advantageous than traditional premise-based solutions.

By deploying the cloud, organizations may be able to experience a number of benefits, including more flexibility, efficiency and even security.

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