SLAs important to cloud visibility, application performance

Cloud and virtualization awareness among businesses around the world is on the rise, as more organizations adopt the technologies and promote the benefits achieved from leveraging the services. Unfortunately, the necessary tools to monitor application performance are either not available to operations teams or cannot function properly in the virtual environments to guarantee solutions remain reliable and efficient, according to a guest report on Network World.

Furthermore, when computing, storage and network resources are all shared within a Infrastructure as a Service environment, organizations often have difficulty determining which solutions are being supported and whether they are receiving enough bandwidth to remain efficient, the report said.

While utilizing cloud-based applications may be able to enhance operational performance, it is important decision-makers create robust service-level agreements that ensure vendors deliver valuable resources to boost internal processes, the news source noted. This is especially important when organizations deploy private cloud environments that are hosted on-site, as IT departments need to have real-time visibility into network performance to see which solutions are operating up to par, allowing them to reallocate resources as needed.

"Enterprise IT needs complete and immediate visibility if they are to meet SLAs with the business," the report said. "With the company's revenues and reputation at stake, they must ensure they are meeting business expectations while optimizing their infrastructure to scale across a multitude of end users and applications."

A separate report by InformationWeek confirmed the importance of developing robust SLAs but also noted that decision-makers need to be smart when negotiating contract terms, as unrealistic goals will only upset the company's computing capabilities. IT executives need to establish attainable demands that the service provider can deliver if the business truly wants to remain competitive and productive.

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