Cloud's mobile qualities make it necessary today

There are several reasons why decision-makers may adopt the cloud today but one of the most advantageous factors of the cloud is the technology's ability to promote and support mobility. While being mobile has always been important, it is more essential than ever before as the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and similar devices disrupt the workforce.

Since cloud computing environments are unbiased, they allow access to mission-critical information and applications from any device, regardless of model or operating system, according to a Business 2 Community report. By using the cloud, managers can let employees work from virtually anywhere with an internet connection without worrying about individuals not being able to access work-related resources.

According to a separate report by Microsoft, remote working trends are no longer a competitive advantage but a business imperative. If organizations want to keep up with the rapidly evolving private sector, decision-makers will need to embrace mobile trends. By leveraging cloud storage services, organizations can host mission-critical assets in off-site virtual environments, making assets available to any employee who needs them, regardless of their location.

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