Cloud opinions may shift in coming years, expert says

As the market for the cloud continues to grow in the private sector, the differentiation between the private and public cloud will continue to blur, leading more decision-makers to opt for the hybrid cloud model that combines the two, according to a Computerworld India interview with KPMG management consulting director Abhijit Varma.

Varma said the enterprise is currently interested in the private cloud - as hosting mission-critical applications and data on-site is more comforting than outsourcing them - but this opinion may evolve over time, Computerworld India reported. This is especially true as organizations continue to deploy the public cloud and confidence in the hosted service's security capabilities grows.

"It will take some time for perceptions to change about the public cloud model," Varma said in the interview.

In the meantime, companies will continue investing in the private cloud, as the long-term security and cost-saving advantages outweigh the public cloud's benefits. A separate blog post by Gartner analyst Thomas Bittman noted that there will be approximately 10 times as many private cloud deployments in 2012 as there have been in the past.

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