Planning ahead will minimize cloud outage damage

Since cloud computing first emerged, companies have been anxious about downtime and the problems it may have on an organization, limiting access to mission-critical applications and data. Fortunately, companies can be proactive and take steps to minimize the destructiveness of a cloud outage.

To begin, decision-makers and IT departments need to establish a strong baseline service-level agreement. In doing so, organizations can improve uptime and ensure the cloud performs as well as advertised, according to a CIO report.

"It's one of the first terms they should ask their prospective provider about to see if they can do better," HfS Research director Jim Slaby said, according to CIO. "Buyers should also negotiate well-defined recovery point and recovery time objectives for each service in their contract."

Slaby also said that businesses should ensure that vendors allow site visits and audits to ensure the cloud meets company standards and fits well into the firm's disaster recovery plan, CIO noted

"This analysis may simply preclude a cloud solution [if] it is not possible to recover the cloud application sufficiently quickly to avoid a business-jeopardizing event," Pace Harmon principal Jonathan Shaw said, according to CIO.

A separate report by Network World also suggested that decision-makers make sure a provider has servers in different locations, thereby reducing the chances that a single disaster can disrupt an entire cloud infrastructure. Organizations should also consider using more than a single vendor, as this will ensure outages from a single cloud will not negatively impact a company's ability to work efficiently.

By taking precautionary measures, businesses can enhance their cloud disaster recovery capabilities, making it possible to remain productive at all times, regardless of disruptions.

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