Cloud computing going high performance

Cloud hosting services have primarily focused on providing clients with commodity hardware in a cost-effective model. However, the technology has evolved considerably, to the point that cloud infrastructure vendors and other solution providers can begin offering hyper-capacity computing capabilities to their clients, InfoWorld reported.

The news source explained that while most current cloud options primarily deal with commodity solutions, there is a growing movement to develop hyper-capacity cloud options. This trend is especially evident in one vendor's recent release of such a solution.

The overarching principles of a hyper-capacity computing model are built around, essentially, switching how the cloud functions. Instead of giving customers pay-per-use computing resources to replace IT, vendors provide the same resources, but devote all of the compute power and storage to a single project. This allows for major performance gains. According to the report, it also improves the cost model that comes with a cloud plan.

Hosting cloud systems in a high-performance environment helps businesses reverse the cost savings model of traditional cloud setups. The news source explained commodity cloud systems do not save businesses much money in terms of the actual hardware, it basically replaces IT systems, though for better value. Instead, the reduced costs come in the form of management gains that translate to operational savings. In a hyper-capacity arrangement, the capital costs on hardware are reduced to a significant extent, making the cost benefits greater than that of commodity cloud plans.

In many cases, high-performance cloud plans are built on Infrastructure-as-a-Service. The plan, which lets companies subscribe to storage and compute resources instead of just application systems, provides a solid foundation for more robust cloud strategies because it offers companies the core architectures they need to support ongoing operations and special projects.

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