Cloud computing can help you control your data center

Virtualization creates considerable management challenges for data center operators. The technology shrinks a company's physical hardware infrastructure, but makes each server more important and the entire configuration much more complex. However, cloud computing, particularly private cloud systems, can help companies make the most of their data center.

Optimizing data center environments is becoming more important, as many companies are struggling to balance strategic innovation with the day-to-day maintenance concerns that exist within the data center.

A recent Data Center Knowledge report explained that many IT workers have dealt with business leaders who are clamoring for power use reduction and a network plug comes loose and takes hours to track down. When that settles, a regional power outage, or some similar uncontrollable event hits to create complications.

The news source said the data center industry is facing considerable challenges because businesses are pushing for efficiency at every level, but IT managers are not always equipped to do so. It is not the engineers' fault. Instead, the sector is changing so fast that nobody can be expected to keep up with all of the changes happening in infrastructure alone, let alone data center software and facility systems. This is making data center infrastructure management important.

However, a Forrester study found major gaps exist in the DCIM sector, making the technology inadequate as a holistic maintenance platform, the report said. Instead, companies have to use DCIM alongside other technologies and tools to get hardware, software and facility systems to work in conjunction with each other.

Turning to the private cloud, especially private cloud hosting services, can pay major dividends in this area. While automation created complexity, cloud computing instills order on the environment. The primary difference between a virtual environment and a cloud setup is that the cloud takes virtual machines and unites them into computing clusters through automation and orchestration solutions. Doing this enables the system to manage itself in many ways, simplifying operations.

However, establishing a private cloud internally can be difficult. Companies can overcome this gap by using a hosted private cloud service, which allows them to build their private cloud and have it hosted, and managed, in a third-party facility. This enables IT to gain more control over the rest of the data center while giving them much less to worry about with the cloud systems that are handled primarily by the vendor.

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