Cloud computing could look even better in 2020

Cloud computing, already popular for its ability to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and help businesses align corporate processes with technological capabilities, will likely continue to evolve over the next few years. During that time, it could become a technological solution that transforms how businesses function. According to a recent Cloud Tweaks report, the cloud will reach this level of sophistication by gaining a few key attributes as it matures.

The news source explained that cloud computing will be very different in 2020 than it is now, with one of the most important changes being how the technology will become a well-integrated part of enterprise operations. One of the cloud's greatest benefits is its ability to unify IT and business processes into a system that improves operational efficiency. By 2020, this could be a reality, with cloud computing moving from a fringe technology that is popular to a mainstream solution.

The report explained that most companies using the cloud are doing so in pilot projects or for somewhat trivial application systems. By 2020, the cloud will mature into a solution that includes Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions and other advanced cloud options that permeate enterprise operations, are used pervasively and have completely transformed how businesses function.

By 2020, the cloud will also be supported by better network systems. Cloud computing depends on delivering data-rich applications through the web. Because of this, it pushes corporate networks beyond their current limitations in many cases because they have to deal with bandwidth-heavy applications that are delivered through different formats than other enterprise services. However, by 2020, upgrades will have been made to equip networks for cloud computing. This will help unleash the technology's full potential, delivering performance that cannot easily be matched without excess spending.

In some cases, cloud hosting services can already achieve some of these future benefits if the company subscribing to the plan is willing to develop a collaborative partnership with the vendor and work to align risk-related needs with what the vendor can provide. With the right strategy in place, businesses can get the high-performance cloud of the future now. However, doing so is also dependent on understanding that even though the cloud is a form of data center outsourcing, companies can do a lot to make the technology work better with strategic internal IT upgrades and cloud-friendly policies.

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