Cloud misconceptions need to be addressed

Cloud hosting services offer businesses using the technology a number of benefits if decision-makers understand the advantages of leveraging the solutions in the right fashion. There are many misconceptions about the cloud that can hurt an organization if they are not properly addressed, according to a Gadget Magazine report.

The potential to reduce IT expenses is often one of the biggest influences to leverage the cloud and often confuses decision-makers. The perception that implementing the hosted services will instantly reduce costs is not necessarily the truth, the news source said. In many cases, private and public clouds will produce long-term savings, not immediate cost reductions.

Another belief surrounding the cloud is that the virtual environment is not as capable at protecting mission-critical applications and data hosted in the structures, Gadget Magazine said. This is not necessarily true. While the public cloud was often a concern for many decision-makers when it was first introduced to the private sector, its thriving adoption has led to the development of more innovative and effective data protection capabilities.

A separate study by CA Technologies confirmed the cloud's ability to safeguard sensitive solutions, as more than half of U.S. organizations plan to increase their use of the cloud to enhance business continuity and information security programs.

"It is broadly acknowledged that [the cloud] can offer many benefits to organizations that require more agile and cost-effective ways of delivering IT services," CA Technologies data management senior vice president Bill Mann said. "This survey reveals that one of those benefits is improved data protection - which remains a huge challenge in conventional, non-cloud environments."

As the cloud continues to flourish in the coming years, public and private cloud adoption rates will likely increase as more decision-makers understand the technology and all the benefits it provides.

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