Ongoing trends will reshape the future of cloud computing

As the cloud becomes more commonly used throughout the private and public sectors, the technology is poised to mature and adapt to ongoing demands. According to a report by web and mobile application services provider Ci&T, there are several significant trends that will shape the cloud in the coming years.

Platform as a Service, for example, will become common throughout the enterprise, Ci&T noted. While PaaS was primarily used for the development of websites and gaming applications in the past, it will eventually turn into a major resource for businesses in the coming years as IT departments recognize the technology's ability to create a highly flexible and scalable virtual architecture.

This was echoed in a similar report by research firm Frost & Sullivan, which noted that PaaS is a suitable solution for nearly all businesses.

"Because PaaS is more than mere application development, success is not restricted to companies that have a history of commercial software development," Frost & Sullivan executive Chantel Linderman.

In addition to PaaS, decision-makers are increasingly adding Infrastructure as a Service to their mix of cloud offerings used in the enterprise. By leveraging both PaaS and IaaS, organizations can have the best of both worlds, creating a harmonious virtual environment capable of meeting evolving business demands, Ci&T noted.

Additionally, Ci&T said that as more companies drown in the large volumes of data accumulated through new resources like social media and mobile technologies, cloud-based business intelligence solutions will become vital. The era of big data is here, and organizations need to be able to create and process massive sets of information quickly and efficiently if they wish to reach new levels of business remain competitive with rival firms.

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