Study: Cloud concerns may hinder its future

Even as the cloud computing market grows in size and more decision-makers recognize the advantages of using the technology, not all businesses see the cloud as an answer to their prayers. In fact, many still view the multitenant public cloud as a security threat that jeopardizes the confidentiality of mission-critical information and resources.

This was confirmed in the recent InformationWeek 2012 Cloud Security and Risk Survey, which polled more than 360 technology decision-makers across North America. The study revealed that approximately 33 percent of respondents are currently using the public cloud, while another 11 percent plan to use the services in the next 12 months. An additional 11 percent are considering doing so in the future.

However, 27 percent of decision-makers said they have no plans to use public cloud services, with roughly 48 percent of these individuals giving security reasons for neglecting the technology, InformationWeek noted.

The many reasons obstructing public cloud adoption

Survey respondents cited many reasons for not using the cloud, including 30 percent who said they simply don't see a future for the cloud in their organization. Another 9 percent said the hosted services were immature of forced decision-makers to make amends with unpredictable costs.

Security-related responses were also among the most common reasons for not using the cloud, as the fear of unauthorized access to and the leak of proprietary or customer information were potential issues cited by 24 percent and 21 percent of respondents, respectively, InformationWeek reported. Three percent said the cloud is technologically and inherently flawed in regard to security, causing them to seek alternative methods to boost performance and efficiency.

Despite these concerns, many decision-makers are simply unfamiliar with cloud infrastructure and, as a result, choose not to use it.

"The fundamental issue for CIOs is not the security of the cloud but grasping where the cloud stops and where their own roles begin," Capgemini CTO Joseph Coyle said, according to InformationWeek.

A separate study by 451 Group revealed different conclusions, noting that many decision-makers are gaining confidence in the cloud as the technology matures and spreads throughout the private sector. In fact, approximately half of survey respondents said they felt the public cloud is now capable of supporting mission-critical applications and data.

"It appears that there is growing familiarity and trust of public cloud accompanied by a desire to move beyond one's own internal infrastructure, cloud or not," 451 Group senior analyst Jay Lyman said.

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