Cloud performance important during implementation

As cloud computing services and solutions mature, the technology continues to change how organizations do business. If cloud tools don't operate efficiently, however, a company can face serious performance issues that negatively impact a number of corporate resources.

By implementing a cloud computing strategy, decision-makers can plan their cloud deployments and reduce issues that may otherwise hinder the business, according to IT expert Rick Blaisdell. In general, poor performance is caused by limited bandwidth, network connections, latency and other computing aspects.

"Performance issues in the system can effectively end a service delivery. From the user point of view, poor performance and non-availability of service are the same," Blaisdell said in his blog. "Users will not accept slow performance - regardless of where the problem is."

By planning ahead and creating a strong service-level agreement, IT departments may be able to mitigate any chance of performance problems. In doing so, they will be able enhance operations and boost overall productivity, Blaisdell said.

A separate Network World report noted that SLAs are an important part of the cloud implementation process, as the documents can help set the standards for how cloud servers are meant to perform. 

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