Cloud 'as a service' model variations increase with overall adoption

Thanks to the rapid evolution and advancement of Software, Platform and Infrastructure as a Service, the adoption of cloud solutions has quickly accelerated, providing businesses with opportunities to enhance productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, as cloud implementations remain a major initiative across the private sector, new models continue to introduced, according to a report by Network World.

Unified Communications as a Service, or UCaaS, Disaster Recovery as a Service, DRaaS, and others have been pioneered in an effort to optimize business operations in new, unchartered ways through the use of the cloud. These tools fall under the category of XaaS, which is a generalized segment of the cloud computing industry, Network World noted.

However, the news source said that, regardless of which solutions an organization chooses to deploy, the true practice of XaaS will be the way decision-makers align their business goals with new technology.

"Cloud is more about how you consume technology to fit your business processes and less about technology itself," Gartner research vice president Tiffani Bova said, according to Network World.

A separate report by Gartner noted that the global market for cloud computing is forecast to generate more than $148 billion in revenue by 2014, up from slightly more than $58 billion in 2009. While SaaS, PaaS and IaaS continue to be the most commonly deployed cloud models, other "as a service" solutions will become available as the cloud gets used more frequently across the enterprise.

"After many years of germination, most notably in the SaaS arena, the core ideas at the heart of cloud computing - such as pay for use, multi-tenancy and external services - appear to be resonating more strongly," Gartner research vice president Ben Pring said.

As the cloud market continues to expand, smart decision-makers will implement the model that best fits their needs and enhances operations.

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