Virtualization adoption requires the use of new security tools, report says

As the private sector grows more competitive, organizations are looking for new technologies capable of enhancing operations, reducing costs and boosting performance. This is leading more companies to employ the use of cloud computing and virtualization in an effort to gain an advantage over rival firms. With this adoption, however, decision-makers will need to implement more robust security solutions, according to a report by TechNavio.

"Server security will see a resurgence with virtualization," the report said. "As more enterprises utilize virtual servers, there will be increased demand for security solutions that protect the servers hosting the virtualized environment, the hypervisor and virtual servers from malware and hacker attacks. Further, it is expected that enterprises will be interested in virtualization security as a means of protection."

TechNavio noted that these demands will be driven further by the consumerization of IT and the increased use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to access the corporate network from virtually anywhere.

Gartner analyst Tom Bittman said the increased use of server virtualization will also lead to a greater adoption of Infrastructure as a Service.

As more businesses around the world deploy cloud and virtualization technologies, it will be important to implement the appropriate amount of security tools to ensure mission-critical data does not become inadvertently exposed.

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