Cloud evolutions taking place

During the past several years, the cloud has been the center of attention in the IT industry, most notably because of its uncanny ability to disrupt such a significant portion of the private sector, allowing both large and small companies to leverage the services equally.

As demand for the cloud continues to increase in the business world, several trends will emerge that will impact its adoption and use within organizations. For the most part, these predictions are positive and will encourage more decision-makers to implement the hosted solutions, according to a report by CIO U.K.

The future of cloud computing

Although the cloud will keep disrupting the workplace in a number of ways, it will not necessarily have an impact on legacy systems, CIO U.K. said. In many cases, the old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" will ring true in the enterprise. In the coming years, the cloud will influence change for new applications and services, not necessarily existing tools.

While security has always been a concern for organizations adopting the cloud, it will not remain an issue in the future, the news source noted. As the cloud matures, the defensive tools it uses will evolve with it, allowing companies to migrate mission-critical resources to cloud servers without feeling vulnerable or worrying that sensitive information and applications will become inadvertently exposed.

As the cloud becomes more common in the business world, the decision-makers in charge of procuring the solutions will shift from the IT department to other executives, such as the CMO, CIO U.K. said. As Software, Platform and Infrastructure as a Service offerings become more user friendly, the adoption of the cloud will be less of a technical issue and more of a financial or overall business process.

The news source also said that the growing use of the cloud will lead to a faster evolution of business software.

This prediction was echoed in a separate report by Global Industry Analysts, which revealed that the worldwide market for business software is forecast to generate more than $384 billion in revenue by 2015.

With the cloud market expanding each year, it will become more important that decision-makers adopt the next-generation services to remain competitive with rival firms without stretching the budget.

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