Cloud computing to play key role in one exec's future vision

Speaking at the recent Hot Chips conference, Mark Papermaster, CEO for AMD, detailed a future of technology use that he dubbed "surround computing," TechNewsWorld reported.

According to the news source, Papermaster defines surround computing as a method for accessing technology that is more intuitive and immersive in nature, allowing users to access computing resources through hand gestures, voice controls and other movements instead of having to use a keyboard and mouse.

This ideal represents a large stride forward for computing, as it requires considerable IT resources to make it work. Papermaster told audiences that surround computing will not only require advanced chip systems, but also cloud computing infrastructure services and similar solutions.

Cloud computing is emerging as an important enabler for a variety of technological solutions. Its ability to support application and data access from any location with an internet connection is helping fuel the internet of things and similar movements that experts anticipate will play a vital role in the future of computing. Essential, the cloud provides the foundation for many emerging technology trends.

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