New advisory group could guide cloud computing's future

The cloud is at a crossroads. For the past few years, it has functioned primarily as an emerging technology that businesses and consumers are becoming accustomed to. However, cloud computing has begun to move away from its role as an emerging tech and become a much more mainstream solution. As this process continues, the recently created Cloud Advisory Council could play a major role in guiding the cloud to its future, TechCloud9 reported.

According to the news source, the future of the cloud will be decided, largely, by whether or not it is developed from a technology vendor perspective or from the point of view of the end users. Currently, the technology is at a point where many providers are ready to take another step forward into improving performance, security, reliability and other elements of the cloud because the technology has evolved. As this growth continues, the motivating factors behind it will guide what the technology will look like in a few years.

The problem with this dualistic approach to the cloud's development is that it almost creates an adversarial relationship between vendors and customers, as if they are battling to choose who gets to guide the technology and imposing their will upon each other. The report said the new CAC is designed to provide an open forum for collaboration between a diverse range of industry stakeholders to resolve this oppositional dichotomy and guide the future of the cloud in a direction that users, vendors and supporting companies can, largely, agree upon.

The CAC, unlike federal organizations with a similar function, is designed not to analyze the cloud and see what needs to be done to make it better. While this is a component of what the CAC does, the focal point is on getting a diverse range of constituents together in the industry to develop common goals that vendors and end users can get behind to guide the technology moving forward, the news source explained.

Balancing end user requirements with vendor capabilities is, in many ways, more important with cloud computing than it is with traditional IT systems. The consumerization of IT is creating an environment in which employees who are unhappy with corporate offerings will often find a consumer solution they like and use that instead. As a result, effective collaboration between vendors and clients is a key consideration when developing cloud services.

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