Cloud computing considerations

As the private sector continues to be fueled by technological advances, cloud computing is becoming a necessity. While there are a lot of cloud services available to business owners, decision-makers need to be aware of the restricting economy and look toward the most cost-effective and efficient offerings on the table, Peter Bell, the senior vice president of engineering at General Assembly, said in an interview with Business Insider.

Bell said the cloud is quickly becoming the norm in companies of all sizes around the world, as the technology often has the ability to enhance operations, boost deployment times and provide more secure virtual environments. The cloud is also much more cost effective than traditional IT services available on the market.

A separate study by IDG Enterprise echoed these benefits, revealing that 63 percent of decision-makers believe the cloud will deliver long-term savings, despite its occasional high initial investment. As a result, about two-thirds of IT executives said they will likely increase their cloud spending in the next few years.

"Cloud computing solutions enable increased IT innovation, agility and reduce long-term IT costs," said Bob Melk, an executive at IDG Enterprise.

Perceptions about the cloud appear to be changing, Bell told Business Insider. In the past, many organizations were hesitant about using the cloud for fear of exposing sensitive information and applications. Today, however, most cloud-based environments are more secure than other offerings, Bell asserted.

While the benefits often outweigh the risks of using the cloud, there are still some limitations. Bell said the primary constraint is a lack of control over public cloud environments. Fortunately, organizations can deploy the private cloud to mitigate these concerns, as this model is hosted on-site and maintained by the internal IT department.

There are many aspects of the cloud to consider when contemplating deploying the technology. By planning ahead and finding the right solutions, organizations can be sure they implement the appropriate services.

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