Companies invest in private cloud to enhance data centers

Today's organizations are facing a unique complications as decision-makers are forced to balance efficiency and flexibility, customization and standards and a number of other IT aspects that were traditionally considered oxymorons. As these challenges become more demanding in the data center, businesses may be pushed into adopting the cloud and embrace the technology for what it is, including any real or imagined problems, according to the 2012 State of the Data Center survey by InformationWeek Reports.

The study polled more than 250 business professionals and found that nearly three-quarters of respondents plan to increase data center investments this year. Approximately half of decision-makers said at least 50 percent of their servers will be virtualized by 2013, with cost savings acting as the biggest driver for doing so, the report noted.

"Data centers must strike a balance between efficient operations and robust support for business applications," said Andrew Conry-Murray, editor for InformationWeek Reports. "Our latest survey tells you how your IT peers are tackling this challenge and offers practical insight to help you choose the right mix of premises gear, cloud offerings and colocation services."

Where cloud computing comes into play

Driven by the demand to reduce IT expenses, enhance flexibility and boost performance, more companies are leveraging the cloud. The survey found that approximately 67 percent of respondents said they are using or considering implementing a private cloud environment.

A separate report by Renub Research echoed this finding, noting that the global market for the private cloud is forecast to expand at a compound annual growth rate of more than 21 percent through 2015. As cloud technologies continue to mature and evolve, IT is experiencing a paradigm shift in how operations are performed, allowing companies of all sizes to enhance mobility, performance and scalability. In doing so, organizations are able to become more competitive with rival firms, which is especially important during the ongoing global economic crisis.

Renub Research revealed that cloud infrastructure application tools are dominating the private cloud market and will continue to prevail through 2014, allowing companies to develop and utilize mission-critical solutions more easily.

As more organizations look to implement the cloud in an effort to enhance data center operations, the IT landscape will continue to experience a monumental transformation and help companies adapt to the changing times.

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