Report: Cloud application usage on the rise

Cloud computing has dominated headlines in the IT world during the last few years, increasing awareness of the technology's benefits and potential flaws. A new study by Qumu revealed that many IT professionals are for the cloud, regardless of ongoing concerns.

The survey polled more than 700 IT experts and found that roughly 44 percent of them are already running applications in the cloud. A similar percentage plan to migrate solutions to a cloud-based environment within the next 12 months, with approximately one-third of these individuals saying their plans include moving up to half of their mission-critical resources.

The reasons for making this transition varied between respondents, but a surprising 30 percent said the cloud's perceived security advantages were the No. 1 driver, Qumu reported. Other top responses included the ability to reduce IT expenses after deployment, enhance mobile support and save time by not having to manually update the cloud infrastructure.

Small business vs. enterprise cloud adoption

When the cloud was first introduced to the market, it was meant to be particularly appealing to small organizations, as the technology offered them the same scalable environments and next-generation solutions available to larger firms. The study by Qumu, however, found that big companies are finding the cloud to be more interesting than their smaller counterparts.

The survey found that 51 percent of enterprises are currently running applications in the cloud, compared to only slightly more than 42 percent of small organizations. More than 59 percent of large businesses are also seeing the benefits of leveraging cloud applications in comparison to only 52 percent of smaller firms.

"The results showing that large enterprises are more inclined to cloud applications is somewhat surprising. Some may expect large companies to be concerned with cloud security," said Ray Hood, senior vice president and general manager of Qumu. "We believe that larger companies have more history with IT outsourcing and see the cloud as the logical next step."

Market Research Media believes the adoption of cloud computing within the enterprise will fuel the market, expanding it at a compound annual growth rate of 30 percent from 2015 to 2020, at which time it will generate approximately $20 billion in revenue.

As the cloud market continues to mature, small organizations will likely be forced to adopt the technology if they want to remain competitive with larger firms already using it.

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