Debunking cloud computing misconceptions

Using the cloud in the enterprise has long been considered controversial, as security, reliability and availability concerns often obscured the positive perspective of leveraging the services. But, like all new technologies, most of these fears are irrational, lack stable ground and are weighed down by misconceptions, according to a Mashable report.

For example, many people think the cloud is simply a fad that will pass with time, the news source noted. This is most likely untrue, however, as many online operations performed every day use cloud computing technologies. Without the cloud, ecommerce, online banking and other websites wouldn't be accessible to anyone anywhere at anytime.

Another concern is that a cloud infrastructure is less secure than a traditional on-site network. In reality, cloud-based environments are not perfect, but they are often much more protected than many people make them out to be. The fact is, the cloud only truly becomes unsafe when decision-makers lose control over it, Mashable noted. In other words, if an organization does not continually monitor the hosted structure and implement robust defensive measures, only then will it be susceptible to a breach.

A separate report by CA Technologies proved the exact opposite of the general cloud security misconception, noting that more than half of American businesses plan to leverage cloud computing services this year in an effort to strengthen data protection capabilities.

"This survey reveals that one of [the benefits of using the cloud] is improved data protection - which remains a huge challenge in conventional, non-cloud environments," said Bill Mann, senior vice president of data management at CA Technologies.

In addition to security concerns, many people believe the cloud is more expensive than the conventional infrastructure, Mashable noted. Unlike many other irrational fears about the cloud, this concern has some grounds for truth. The cloud often has moderate costs upfront but will end up saving a company money in the long run through its outsourcing capabilities, allowing decision-makers to reduce maintenance expenses associated with managing on-site servers.

As cloud computing continues to evolve, many of its misconceptions will dissipate as decision-makers gain confidence in the technology and implement the services to gain a competitive advantage over rival firms that are still somewhat concerned about its security and costs.

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