Cloud computing adoption driven by well-known advantages

Despite the growing prevalence of Software, Platform and Infrastructure as a Service cloud models in the business world, many decision-makers are still concerned about leveraging the technology. In most cases, these fears are associated with a lack of understanding regarding where exactly data will be stored, whether private information will be safe and if employees will still be able to access mission-critical solutions at anytime from anywhere.

More often than not, IT departments believe they know the answers to these questions and, as a result, convince their organization to leverage the cloud because of its well-known benefits, according to a report by Kyriba. One of the most common advantages of using the cloud is saving money, which is especially important during today's ongoing economic crisis.

Although the cloud may be somewhat expensive upfront, the long-term savings associated with the technology is often convincing enough for companies to use the technology. The pay-as-you-go pricing model allows businesses of all sizes to leverage next-generation solutions in proportion to their operational tendencies, the news source said.

Additional benefits drive cloud computing acceptance
While the ability to lower costs is becoming increasingly important for organizations, boosting productivity through automation and remote accessibility is another significant driver behind cloud adoption, the report noted. Businesses using the cloud are quickly realizing the flexible infrastructure and storage environments in addition to the ability to work from anywhere at anytime on any platform is enhancing efficiency.

In the past, decision-makers were limited to using the multi-tenant public cloud. Today, organizations also have the option to leverage the private cloud, which is a dedicated set of resources available only to a certain set of users, as the environments are hosted on-site.

A separate report by Renub Research noted that the private cloud is in a position to experience significant uptake in the coming years, as the market is forecast to expand at a compound annual growth rate of more than 21 percent through 2015.

As the cloud continues to gain momentum in the private sector and is adopted by companies around the world, more decision-makers will recognize the potential benefits associated with using the technology, which include the ability to gain a competitive advantage over rival firms, reduce long-term expenses and enhance productivity.

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