Report: Data center complexity is a growing problem

As new technologies emerge within the private sector, managing a corporate data center is becoming increasingly complex. A new study by Symantec highlighted this trend, noting that 79 percent of organizations said maintaining a data center is more challenging today than it was in the past.

The study noted that this growing data center complexity is not limited to certain industries or regions, as businesses of all sizes are experiencing the dilemma. While there are many factors driving new challenges associated with the data center, Symantec noted that some of the most prominent IT disruptors are server virtualization, mobile and public cloud computing trends.

"As today's businesses generate more information and introduce new technologies into the data center, these changes can either act as a sail to catch the wind and accelerate growth, or an anchor holding organizations back," said Brian Dye, vice president of the information intelligence group at Symantec Corp.

How data center complexity impacts operations
The study noted that the most common problem associated with challenging data center management is rising costs. Another 39 percent of respondents said they have experienced reduced agility, while another 35 percent are having data security issues, Symantec reported.

The survey also revealed, however, that decision-makers are not giving up and are implementing new strategies that may be able to address data center management challenges. Nearly two-thirds of respondents said increasing their IT budget will enable them to deploy new initiatives, such as training, virtualization and cloud computing, which may reduce IT complexity.

Symantec reported that 59 percent of companies are planning to migrate to cloud-based environments to make managing the data center easier.

"The difference is up to organizations, which can meet the challenges head on by implementing controls such as standardization or establishing an information governance strategy to keep information from becoming a liability," Dye said.

A separate report by Oracle confirmed that IT departments can reduce complexity by implementing the private cloud, which makes standardization and consolidation easier and more effective. By centrally managing the hosted solutions, organizations may be able to gain a competitive advantage over firms neglecting to adapt to the evolving IT landscape.

As cloud computing becomes a more prominent aspect of today's business world, embracing the technology and leveraging the tools may help companies reduce IT expenses and boost agility.

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