Ensuring cloud deployments don't end in failure

The cloud is often considered the great equalizer, as it enables even the smallest organizations to leverage innovative technologies to remain competitive in today's increasingly cutthroat business world. Nearly the entire private sector has caught wind of the cloud's capabilities of allowing decision-makers to securely store and retrieve mission-critical applications and data from virtually anywhere, encouraging more organizations to deploy the hosting services.

Unfortunately, not all cloud implementations end in success, as companies need to overcome a series of obstacles in order to properly use the cloud. Decision-makers need to understand that, like any other technology, the cloud has risks of failure. With the right amount of planning, however, businesses can minimize this possibility.

Misunderstanding leads to problems
Jumping headfirst into the clouds will likely end in disaster. As a result, decision-makers and IT departments need to determine what they expect to get out of the cloud so they can implement the technology with the right mindset, according to a CloudTweaks report.

If a company embraces cloud computing without understanding the service's requirements, the virtual environment may be deployed with the wrong design, applications or capabilities, the news source said. Executives also need to comprehend how their legacy tools and data will operate in the cloud, as neglecting to do so increases the chance of failure.

Caving into cloud computing myths
A separate report by Interoute noted that one of the many myths surrounding the cloud is that companies cannot really trust it. If an organization gives into this fallacy, they will likely implement the hosted services inappropriately.

CloudTweaks said organizations need to embrace the cloud holistically. If the technology is to truly help a firm enhance mobility and reduce IT expenses, cloud hosting services needs to line up with the business' overall IT strategy and goals. If decision-makers approach the cloud with the wrong mindset, the end result will be another application or solution that does not work well with the company's other existing systems.

As cloud computing crawls toward mainstream adoption, the private sector needs to have the right mindset to successfully leverage the technology. If decision-makers do not think about the cloud holistically, deployments will likely end in failure or the leave companies with the inability to meet their goals.

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