Cloud computing trends support growing mobile workforce desires

While there are a number of technologies that support remote working, cloud computing is among the most efficient, as it enables employees to access mission-critical resources from virtually anywhere at any time. Now there are several cloud trends that are driving the habit of mobile working even more.

The growing abundance of cloud services and applications is encouraging more individuals to work from home than ever before, according to a report by CloudTweaks. Now employees have access to application stores, which allow workers to select the cloud solutions that best fit their needs, supporting the ability to work remotely.

Furthermore, the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other next-generation devices that leverage cloud-based applications is fueling employee desires to work from home, CloudTweaks said. As more consumers demand companies to support bring your own device and other mobile trends, cloud vendors will be forced to develop more solutions that can be accessed on these gadgets.

A separate report by TechNavio echoed this statement, noting that the expanding presence of advanced mobile devices is increasing the demand for mobile cloud apps. In fact, the global market for mobile cloud solutions is forecast to expand at a compound annual growth rate of roughly 87 percent through 2014.

As cloud hosting services mature and evolve, more companies will embrace the technology in an effort to remain competitive with rival firms and support a growing remote workforce. If decision-makers neglect to adopt the cloud, businesses will be forced to deal with a number of issues in the future, as employees will likely circumvent IT policies to support their own desires.

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