Developing unique cloud applications requires planning

Staying competitive with rival firms is one of the only ways companies can survive today's cutthroat business world. While there are many ways decision-makers can give their organizations an edge, one of the best is to leverage unique solutions that no other organization is using. To do so, IT departments need to develop their own software.

In most cases, the basics of software development don't change when a firm migrates operations to cloud-based environments, but the move does introduce new opportunities and challenges, according to a report by TechTarget. A cloud-based integrated development environment can help IT executives during the software engineering process. When considering which solution to use, decision-makers should consider several features that may make the creation experience easier.

Integration and collaboration are a must
Most enterprises will have multiple developers working together during the software engineering process, as doing so will likely lead to the creation of more efficient and useful tools. For this reason, collaboration is extremely important. Decision-makers should select development tools that enable employees to seamlessly view and edit projects without disrupting operations or interfering with the work of others, TechTarget noted.

Decision-makers should also determine how well cloud development solutions integrate with one another, as interrupted processes will hinder a group's ability to produce high-quality tools, TechTarget noted. In some cases, coordination becomes more difficult when multiple developers are working on a single project, as it will require IT executives to establish varying access control privileges and rights. By automating test and support deployments, organizations may be able to minimize issues surrounding compiling and building applications in chaotic work structures.

In addition to automation, developing tools in an Infrastructure as a Service environment, which closely mirrors on-premise environments, will help engineers develop solutions for on-site foundations, TechTarget noted.

A separate report by TechNavio noted that IaaS cloud models are gaining momentum, as the market for the technology is forecast to expand at a compound annual growth rate of more than 47 percent through 2015. This suggests that companies are likely developing their own software in an effort to gain an advantage over rival firms also using cloud computing services.

As the cloud becomes more integral to operations, having unique applications will help firms stay ahead of the curve, giving them a leg up in an otherwise extremely competitive business world.

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