Hybrid cloud supports volatile business demands

While the private and public cloud are both garnering attention in the business landscape, the hybrid cloud is the model of the future, as it combines the benefits of private and public clouds to meet the unique demands of virtually any organization. Although the reasons for adopting the hybrid cloud may vary from one company to the next, it will likely be the overall trend for the entire private sector, according to a report by Business 2 Community.

The power to optimize operational performance, mitigate risk and enhance cost savings are among the top reasons for adopting cloud computing and will continue to be drivers for companies embracing the hybrid cloud in the future, the news source said. However, rather than looking at either the private or public cloud and determining which model provides more realistic advantages, decision-makers will be able to take the best of both worlds.

In many cases, IT departments will begin their cloud journey by migrating solutions to a public environment. This allows companies to get used to leveraging the cloud before they move applications back behind a private firewall, Business 2 Community noted.

A separate report by Gartner echoed the growing demand for hybrid cloud computing, which will influence the overall role of the enterprise and transform organizations into multifaceted entities.

"Many organizations have now passed the definitional stage of cloud computing and are testing cloud architectures inside and outside the enterprise and over time, the cloud will simply become one of the ways that we 'do' computing and workloads will move around in hybrid internal/external IT environments," said Chris Howard, managing vice president at Gartner.

In time, cloud computing will become the norm for the private sector, enabling companies of all sizes to be more competitive with one another in an otherwise turbulent economy.

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