Conflicting views hinder cloud deployment success

The adoption of the cloud is gaining momentum in the private sector, as decision-makers continue to look for an easy and efficient way to access mission-critical documents from virtually anywhere. While the cloud holds a lot of promise, implementing the services without considering any potential consequences could lead to trouble down the road.

A new study by AIIM highlighted this possibility, noting that many business managers and IT departments hold conflicting views on the technology, as the former are placing a greater emphasis on cost savings and flexibility than regulation and control. The study found that 50 percent of business managers view Software as a Service and cloud computing as the default for new applications, compared to only 19 percent of IT executives.

"Conflicting opinions between IT, business and records managers are unavoidable when it comes to making strategic plans for cloud migration," said John Mancini, president of AIIM.

Despite these differences, the migration to the cloud is happening.

Cloud computing is the future
Research by AIIM revealed that the cloud will be the norm for technological deployments in the coming years, even though only 7 percent of companies believe it is now. In three years, however, this ideal will be perceived by 41 percent of organizations and jump again to 77 percent in eight years.

While different opinions vary across multiple aspects of the cloud, content delivery network and cloud-based file sharing applications are of the most concern.

"Business users see the cloud as a way to bypass the IT department, while custodians of content are horrified by the potential risks of ungoverned and isolated content silos," said Doug Miles, director of market intelligence at AIIM. "The best approach is for business and IT managers to put aside their differences and work together to adopt the cloud content management and collaboration solutions that are best for their business."

A separate report by Strategy Analytics revealed that the market for global business collaboration applications is forecast to generate more than $12 billion in revenue by 2017, largely fueled by the ongoing migration of the tools to cloud-based environments. While traditional solutions will remain present in the workplace, employees want faster and more efficient offerings, which is pushing them toward the cloud.

As cloud collaboration tools become more essential to everyday corporate operations, decision-makers across multiple departments need to ensure they agree on cloud deployment strategies. 

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