Cloud computing in the coming years

As new cloud applications and services continue to emerge within the private sector, decision-makers are making the transition from legacy systems to off-premise cloud environments in an effort to remain competitive and enhance cost savings. While this trend has been occurring for some time, it is quickly gaining momentum, according to a report by CIO.

Still, some analysts believe there is beginning to be some "cloud fatigue," the news source said. This is likely because cloud computing garnered significant attention in the past year. As a result, many business executives were pressured into adopting the technology.

"What is certain is we are watching a migration taking place where on-premise computing is moving to off-premise computing," said Matthew Oostveen, head of research at IDC, according to CIO.

While there are several reasons for this trend, it is largely supported by the increasing number of cloud-based data centers throughout the globe, enabling companies all over the world to leverage the technology.

What is happening in the cloud market?
Other cloud pundits said the increasing number of applications and services entering the landscape is providing decision-makers with new opportunities to gain a competitive advantage over rival firms. This is especially important today during the ongoing macroeconomic crisis and is leading to a greater adoption of the cloud.

"Cloud computing [services] will mature next year and continue to be procured as a replacement to on-premise infrastructure and as an option for service delivery," said Rodney Gedda, senior analyst at Telsyte, according to CIO. "We can expect to see new types of applications delivered out of the cloud, more options for where data is hosted - and the type of infrastructure it's hosted on - and more services offering 'enterprise-grade' application hosting."

A separate report by CloudTweaks also noted that the emergence of these solutions is leading federal agencies around the world, particularly in the United States, to adopt cloud servers so they can reduce IT expenses and streamline operations.

As these trends continue, decision-makers in a number of industries, in both the public and private sector, need to consider using the cloud if they want to be as efficient as possible. While neglecting the technology may not necessarily spell immediate disaster, doing so can hinder an organization's ability to be productive in the long run.

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