Symantec believes future clouds will be safe

Although the cloud is rapidly gaining momentum in the private sector, adoption rates are sometimes encumbered by security concerns, as many decision-makers are unsure whether the public cloud can safely store sensitive information. In the coming years, however, this may no longer be the case.

A new report by Symantec said the future cloud computing landscape will be much safer than it is today. As the cloud becomes imperative for organizations of all sizes, vendors will need their hosted environments to be secure to meet demand so service providers can remain competitive. If the clouds are not protected effectively, customers will simply use other cloud services.

In five years, businesses will operate in a world that converges cloud computing, mobility and virtualization technologies in a safe and agile way, Symantec noted. As a result, decision-makers will be able to gain greater visibility into their scalable public and private cloud solutions, while maintaining control and meeting compliance requirements.

The future of cloud computing
Symantec believes that cloud services will be the normal way companies operate in the coming years. They aren't the only ones that feel that way, as many industry experts also agree that businesses will need to have a cloud infrastructure if they want to remain competitive in the future. There are many reasons for this, including the ability to have a scalable and cost-effective network that provides firms with the opportunity to access advanced solutions of all types.

The rapid explosion of data will be a major contributor to the growing cloud services market, as companies of all sizes will need to leverage analytic tools and storage environments to manage massive volumes of information, Symantec noted. This will also lead to the proliferation of interconnected clouds.

A separate report by IBM also highlighted the growth of interconnected clouds, where companies are merging public and private environments to form hybrid models. Many pundits believe hybrid environments will be the future, as organizations can use highly scalable public services for non-essential information and private landscapes for confidential resources simultaneously.

Regardless of how the private sector adopts the cloud, the virtual environments will need to be safe for decision-makers to feel confident in leveraging the solutions. If vendors cannot protect their clouds properly, they will not be able to remain competitive with an increasing number of service providers.

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