Study: More than three-quarters of enterprises use cloud

The market for cloud computing in the United States is rapidly building on itself and extending its borders throughout the entire private sector. As this phenomenon happens, decision-makers are either becoming familiar with the cloud or they are not.

This was highlighted in a recent study by WaveLength Market Analytics, which found that roughly 78 percent of medium-sized and large enterprises are using or testing at least one cloud solution, compared to only about 58 percent that were doing so the same time last year.

The survey revealed that 19 percent of executives, dubbed "Cloud Pros," are comfortable enough with the technology to use multiple clouds. The majority of the market, however, is made up of "Cloud Pioneers," who actively use or pilot the cloud and account for 59 percent of private sector. Other classifications, including "Cloud Planners," those who had plans in place, and "Stragglers," who had no projects, made up less of the market.

"The enterprise cloud market and segments have quickly evolved; today's meaningful question is no longer if cloud is used but rather how much," said Natalie Robb of WaveLength Market Analytics.

Is cloud computing a major initiative?
IT in the private sector consists of a vast landscape of solutions and services, all in the name of enhancing efficiency, reducing costs and boosting performance. Cloud computing has quickly become a major strategy for many businesses, as the hosted environments can support bring your own device and mobile initiatives and are ideal for big data projects.

WaveLength Market Analytics found that the cloud currently accounts for about 4.4 percent of enterprise IT, though it is growing fast.

"Last year, cloud users said they expected 28 percent of IT to be cloud-based by 2015 and now they expect around 35 percent," Robb said. "Knowing what sets Cloud Pros and Pioneers apart is crucial for technology and telecom firms to advance technologies and reach buyers."

A separate report by North Bridge Venture Partners revealed that scalability is among the top drivers behind cloud adoption, largely because the cloud enables decision-makers to migrate a nearly limitless amount of applications and data to the hosted environment without experiencing bandwidth or traffic problems.

As more organizations deploy cloud computing initiatives, the private sector will evolve into something more complex and efficient.

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