Tips to deliver ROI from cloud computing

While cloud computing has always been a leading technology for cost savings, there are some measures decision-makers can take to enhance these benefits. Establishing a cloud with a robust and healthy return on investment, for example, will enable cloud users to cut costs and reallocate financial assets into other aspects of the company.

Although the cloud will have a major impact on the overall private sector, Peter Job, CEO at Intergence, believes the technology will hold specific importance for organization in Europe.

"However, you need to have good processes and methodology to get it right. My advice is to engage with partners who have the experience and don't be afraid to innovate. And remember, the end user will be the ultimate judge of the service," Job said. "Poor user experience leads to poor take up, which means that fewer businesses enjoy the productivity and cost-reduction benefits that cloud computing can bring."

Getting a positive return on investment will likely enhance the experience of using the cloud within businesses, and there are several ways to ensure a company can achieve these goals.

Developing a cloud with healthy ROI
In today's highly complex corporate landscape, analytics is the key to success. Jobs noted that decision-makers and IT departments need to understand how the cloud infrastructure and applications are performing, as well as the status of the overall user experience. If executives cannot visibly see these metrics, they will not resolve problems that are impairing savings.

Companies also need to have a robust service-level agreement to ensure the cloud continues meeting at least a minimum performance level, Job asserted. Creating an SLA that places responsibility on the vendor will ensure the provider does its utmost to guarantee the availability of high-quality clouds.

A separate Business Cloud9 report also highlighted the importance of creating a strong SLA, as many offerings will be generic and unable to deliver strong ROI otherwise. Decision-makers should be sure to take a holistic approach to the SLA so the contract covers multiple aspects of the cloud, not just performance and security.

As cloud computing becomes an increasingly important resource in the private sector, executives need to be sure their offerings provide healthy ROI, as cost savings is a mandatory function in the cloud during today's unpredictable economy.

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