Cloud quickly becoming normal outsourcing option

Advances in cloud computing and the growing awareness of its benefits drove the market forward in 2012 and will continue to do so in the coming years, encouraging CIOs and other IT leaders to adopt the technology. This was highlighted in a recent report by IDC, which revealed these rapid and prolific changes will ultimately test decision-makers as to whether they can leverage the solutions efficiently.

The future, however, will be different, as analysts predict that the cloud will become the norm for outsourcing information and applications in 2016. Executives will also transition away from the public cloud and continue adopting on-premise services.

"Over the next 24 months CIOs' choices for cloud deployment will change," said Chris Morris, lead analyst at IDC. "[The] hosted private cloud will become the enterprise preference for cloud deployments by 2015."

While there are many reasons companies are adopting the cloud, the ongoing pressure to reduce costs in today's unpredictable economy is among the most significant, IDC noted. Furthermore, decision-makers are increasingly interested in using the highly flexible services as big data initiatives become more important.

In an interview with TechTarget, IT expert Brian Lent highlighted how the cloud is helping companies embrace next-generation big data strategies, largely because of the technology's ability to scale on demand.

"The combination of cloud computing and big data is going to become more practical, simply because of the efficiencies of scale," Lent asserted.

As businesses continue to innovate in an effort to stay one step ahead of competitors, decision-makers will need to consider deploying cloud computing initiatives so they can implement big data projects and reduce IT expenses in an otherwise unpredictable economy.

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