Hosted private, industry-specific clouds to grow in 2013

While the cloud had a phenomenal year in 2012, 2013 is also expected to be a big year for the technology, especially as more decision-makers adopt the hosted service and become more familiar with its benefits. More specifically, a number of trends related to cloud computing will emerge within the IT landscape, strengthening the market and driving adoption rates.

A recent Forbes report highlighted some of the more practical movements, noting that the rise of the hosted private cloud, in particular, will impact how businesses operate on a fundamental level. In the past, private clouds were usually managed on-site to give decision-makers more access and visibility into their cloud environment. Hosted private clouds, on the other hand, are not maintained on-premise but are not public clouds. Instead, they are private services managed off-site.

These offerings will become more popular next year, especially as companies are forced to manage a growing abundance of sensitive information.

"For critical applications, only a secure, non-shared private cloud will pass all compliance requirements," said Chris Morris of IDC, according to Forbes.

Specific clouds gather momentum
In addition to hosted private cloud services, another trend that appears to be gaining speed is the concept for industry-specific clouds, Forbes noted. In many cases, organizations have trouble meeting compliance requirements when adopting generic public cloud offerings. This results in long-term problems that sometimes jeopardize a firm's financial and reputational standing.

The emergence of industry-specific clouds will resolve these issues, as developers will create services that meet specific security, compliance and other criteria for unique verticals. While there are many markets that will demand these solutions, healthcare will be among the most prominent, Forbes said.

Another Computerworld report highlighted the momentum of these services, noting that their emergence will help more companies embrace the cloud because decision-makers can leverage unique expertise for the technology's use within their vertical.

"There are a host of solutions and platforms and hubs that are emerging at this industry-specific level," said Charlie Burns of Saugatuck Technology, according to Computerworld. "You're going to see a variety of traditional Fortune 1000 companies leverage cloud infrastructure to develop market-specific, cloud-enabled services that are unique to a targeted market."

As the cloud continues to mature, a variety of offerings will emerge that make the technology appealing to a wider scope of users.

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