Big data importance drives cloud demands

Companies of all sizes are accumulating, storing and trying to make sense of growing amounts of information to improve operations and meet ongoing customer demands. Mining and analyzing big data has now become a crucial goal for most operating in the private sector, especially as advanced technologies continue to emerge to make these processes easier.

A new study of 243 IT executives by GigaSpaces revealed that 80 percent of respondents now see big data initiatives as mission-critical objectives.

Furthermore, the majority of decision-makers said they are planning to move big data to a cloud computing environment to store and analyze the information without slowing down operations. Only 20 percent of executives said they had no plans of moving the resources to the cloud, indicating that the cloud will continue to play an integral role in the development of big data strategies.

"GigaSpaces has long recognized that the exponential growth of data is a challenge nearly every company will have to deal with at some point and that they will need infrastructure for their business apps that can carry them into the big data era with minimum disruption," said Adi Paz, executive vice president of marketing and business development at GigaSpaces.

Why is the cloud important for big data projects?
In addition to supporting a growing amount of information with a highly scalable environment, the cloud also provides companies with the ability to use advanced analytic and processing tools. The study revealed this is becoming increasingly important, as the majority of respondents said they need to use high volume and velocity data in real time.

The survey revealed that nearly three-quarters of executives said their organization needs to process streaming big data so they can leverage the knowledge gained as quickly as possible.

The traditional approach to massive volumes of data - simply adding more bandwidth - will no longer be applicable in the coming years, according to a BusinessCloud9 report. Companies will instead need holistically flexible environments capable of expanding on demand, which is where the cloud comes into play.

As both big data and cloud computing initiatives become more pertinent in the private sector, the merging of the two mega IT trends will be inevitable, as they can easily go hand in hand. While embracing one without the other will not necessarily result in disaster, adopting both will give firms an edge.

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