British companies consider migrating everything to cloud

While businesses in the United States are rapidly adopting cloud computing services to get ahead in today's highly competitive private sector, companies from other parts of the world are also implementing the technology. This trend is particularly noticeable in Great Britain, as many decision-makers recently said they are willing to migrate the most sensitive information to hosted environments.

This was highlighted in a recent study by Databarracks, which found that more than half of British executives said they would contemplate migrating all of their IT services to the cloud without too much qualm. This is largely because about 53 percent of businesses in the country are already using cloud solutions on an everyday basis, making IT departments more comfortable with the technology.

While Software as a Service is often categorized as the most common cloud service in use, the same number of businesses using SaaS, 19 percent, also used Infrastructure as a Service, the study noted. Platform as a Service and disaster recovery technologies were also leveraged by 8 percent and 7 percent of companies, respectively.

"It hasn't taken long for British businesses to be won over by cloud computing, with a large percentage prepared to envisage putting all their systems in the cloud," said Peter Groucutt, managing director at Databarracks. "The majority of companies in the U.K. have tested the waters with some form of cloud service and evidently can now see the benefits of moving their entire IT infrastructure to the cloud."

Not all cloud benefits are created equal
In many cases, especially as the macroeconomic crisis carries on, the prospect of saving money has driven the use of the cloud. The study revealed, however, that only 5 percent of British companies employ the cloud to reduce costs. Meanwhile, 30 percent of decision-makers said they adopted the technology to enhance innovation, while another 28 percent said the move was to increase resilience.

A separate report by the North Bridge Venture Partners revealed that cloud scalability to be among the top reasons companies are deploying cloud services. This is largely because it enables firms to manage the growing volumes of information and applications under their control without experiencing bottlenecks and other performance problems.

As more organizations become familiar with the cloud, the technology will approach mainstream adoption and forever change the way the global private sector operates.

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