Mobility to drive cloud computing adoption in 2013

While cloud computing will continue to be adopted throughout next year, 2013 will introduce some changes to the market that will change the hosted services landscape forever. Although the cloud is still relatively unseasoned, the technology is rapidly maturing and encouraging decision-makers around the world to deploy the solutions.

In a recent blog post, IT expert Tim Crawford said the growing confidence in the cloud is leading organizations to implement Infrastructure as a Service, which will help enhance internal and external operations. Software as a Service, today's most commonly deployed cloud model, will still be used frequently in 2013 and beyond, though IaaS will move beyond the testing phase and experience more steady adoption rates.

Crawford said there will be many reasons for ongoing deployments of IaaS, though the rise of the hybrid cloud model will certainly help.

In the coming years, the reason for launching cloud computing will change, especially as the digital landscape evolves and becomes more sophisticated. Rather than implementing a cloud service to solve a single problem, Crawford asserted, decision-makers will deploy the technology to answer multiple questions, particularly those related to integration, as the cloud can help converge multiple solutions together.

It's all about mobility
Although there are several major trends that will likely impact the cloud computing market in 2013 and beyond, the rapid proliferation and maturity of smart mobile devices will be among the most influential. Crawford said the ongoing consumerization of IT, which is pushing more businesses around the world to embrace a mobile work style, will have a major effect on cloud adoption rates as organizations demand an environment that can be accessed at any time from anywhere on virtually any device.

A recent study by CSC also highlighted the fact that the mobile world is driving cloud adoption rates, even more so than the prospect of reducing IT expenses and improving business agility. As smartphones and tablets continue to be deployed within the private sector, cloud computing solutions will be launched alongside them, enabling firms of all sizes to be more efficient.

This last year was an important one for the cloud, as decision-makers became more confident in the technology. As the benefits of the cloud continue to come forward in 2013, the cloud will continue progressing toward mainstream adoption.

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