Cloud demands drive DevOps forward

For the last decade, application deployment processes have become more complex, especially as virtualization and cloud computing technologies emerged, which required advanced solutions to have a different set of characteristics. Furthermore, since today's business world is so competitive, organizations need to be the first to the punch or risk falling behind for good. This put even more stress on IT professionals to streamline the procedure without jeopardizing quality.

A new strategy has recently emerged to make application deployment procedures more efficient. This new approach combines the traditional development and operations stages together and is called DevOps.

The DevOps model can be used by more sophisticated tools to help IT professionals build applications on demand in the cloud, according to a TechTarget report. In other words, executives can add or remove solutions as needed, which makes the entire design process more efficient and up to speed with today's fast-paced demands.

Cloud servers have also changed the traditional application deployment concept as a whole. In the past, decision-makers would often launch a single, massive application in each server, TechTarget noted. Now that the cloud exists, organizations can host a number of complex solutions within a single, flexible environment.

Cloud-based DevOps
All solutions in the cloud are three-dimensional and require servers, connectivity and storage capabilities, TechTarget said. For this reason, cloud-based DevOps tools are often defined based on an application's needs, making the development part of the process more important. Unfortunately, this means that if a developer does not fully understand the requirements of the application, building the rest of the appliance will be difficult.

Yet DevOps is widely considered an important movement for the progression of the cloud, largely because it allows IT executives to create agile solutions capable of holding their own in cloud environments. This was highlighted in a separate study by Serena Software, which noted that ongoing IT transformations are driving the need for DevOps tools.

As cloud computing continues to gain traction across multiple industries, the use of advanced application deployment tools and processes will become increasingly important for firms looking to stay ahead of the competition. Because agility is necessary in today's private sector, decision-makers should consider adopting DevOps strategies to streamline operations and enhance performance.

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