Study shows cloud-related IT jobs in demand

Cloud computing services are having a major impact on the overall IT landscape, including the employment segment of the market. As the cloud matures and evolves in the coming years, corporate decision-makers around the world will continue to look for individuals with cloud-related IT skills who can help companies of all sizes embrace the technology more efficiently.

A recent study of more than 600 hiring managers by Microsoft and IDC highlighted this demand, noting that there are currently about 1.7 million cloud computing jobs open around the world. By 2015, this availability will jump to as many as 7 million cloud careers. Unfortunately, the supply of skilled technicians is much lower than the demand, creating a gap that is having a major impact on the overall IT industry.

"Unlike IT skill shortages in the past, solving this skills gap is extremely challenging, given that cloud brings a new set of skills, which haven't been needed in the past," Cushing Anderson, vice president of IDC. "There is no one-size-fits-all set of criteria for jobs in cloud computing."

The survey found that roughly two-thirds of businesses around the world have already adopted or are planning to use cloud computing solutions. Another half of executives said the cloud is considered a high priority in their organization due to several changes in the IT landscape.

What is driving the need for cloud?
In addition to ongoing consumerization trends, the cloud is being driven by big data, which is allowing firms of all sizes to continue accumulating massive volumes of information regarding customers, internal operations and a number of other mission-critical aspects of business.

Furthermore, the study showed the proliferation of the cloud in general will change how companies perform nearly every task in the workplace. This will inevitably force executives to adopt the cloud to remain competitive and keep operations on pace with the rest of the private sector.

"The cloud is going to touch almost every component and every area of IT," Anderson said.

A separate report by Gartner noted that the cloud market is forecast to generate upward of $109 billion in revenue in 2012, up more than 19 percent from 2011. As the demand for the cloud continues to expand rapidly, decision-makers will increasingly need competent IT workers capable of leveraging the cloud efficiently.

The cloud will continue driving the IT industry forward.

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