IaaS, public cloud interoperability to trend in 2013

As the IT industry and cloud landscape continue to evolve, pundits are looking for innovative trends to take place in 2013. While big data is often considered a mission-critical objective, many experts want corporate decision-makers to focus less on this concept and adopt the cloud to improve other operations in the workplace.

This was highlighted in a recent report by TechTarget, which said many IT pros want executives to be more serious about adopting public cloud computing services. While these rates have increased during the last several years, most businesses simply migrated legacy applications to a new environment. This should change in the coming years, as cloud architects will be responsible for developing highly intuitive solutions that are meant to operate in a cloud environment.

"Everyone is putting their toe in the water and not putting a real commitment behind [adopting the public cloud]," said Tony Witherspoon, senior solutions consultant at the East Coast, according to TechTarget.

What cloud trends do experts want to see in 2013?
While Software as a Service has long been among the dominant cloud services available, Infrastructure as a Service is quickly gaining momentum, TechTarget said. When IaaS is offered at a lower price, decision-makers across the private sector can deploy the cloud more easily.

A separate report by Synergy Research Group also highlighted the growing IaaS market, noting that revenue generated by IaaS and Platform as a Service exceeded $2.7 billion in the first half of 2012, up 65 percent from the first half of 2011.

In addition to expanding the IaaS market, IT experts want cloud interoperability issues to be eliminated, TechTarget noted. Currently, there is no standardization across the cloud industry, which sometimes makes it challenging to use solutions from different service providers.

"I hope that cloud vendors resolve to work better together," said Kris Bliesner, CEO of cloud consultancy firm 2nd Watch, according to TechTarget. "It is a huge pain today to try to manage cloud across vendors."

As the decision-makers across the global private sector continue to recognize the cloud as a key to the future IT industry, changes in the market are bound to occur. Forward-thinking executives will adopt the cloud early on so they can embrace these changes without delay, giving them a competitive advantage over rival firms that are slow to embrace the cloud.

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